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To clarify our vision we have made up the following lists.

We do not...
We do...
1) promise, improvise and work from plans in our heads. (mental pictures) 1) design with you and for you and make plans where either you or we can work from to save both of us money and time.
2) just start drawing. 2) want you to know what we are capable of, and what our standards are.
3) design or install anything which we consider tacky.  3) design work inspired by you and meet your individual needs.
4) only think on paper. 4) utilize our combined 85 years of experience in the field with the theoretical background, to create maximum workable plans.
5) install cement stacking blocks where enhancement is desired 5) design, supervise and install any type of retaining walls ie. wood, concrete and quality natural stonework, dry stack or masoned.
6) make shortcuts where it is not
wise to do so nor let unskilled labor misinterpret anything.
6) advise you on the best value for quality materials and skilled workmanship.
7) go into any design or installation
without realizing the ensuing environmental effects, short and long term.
 7) always want a very good relationship with mother nature!
8) install rubber or concrete edging.  8) offer quality alternatives.
9) over-plant unnecessarily 9) give real expert advise on trees, shrubs, and perennials on paper and in the field.





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