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Landmark Landscape's owners and designers also own Free Sprit Nursery. In 99', Y2K and 01', Free Spirit Nursery with their friends Bluestem Nursery from Christina Lake, exhibited at the Van Dusen Flower and Garden Show, North America's largest outdoor garden show. Each year we won the special award, "Most Innovative" (our favorite) as well as silver and gold and a treasured citation from the North American Horticultural Society.

We built a structure that had a different roof put on it each year. The structure stood on top of the lawn, had no nails or screws, just interlocking joints and pegs. It did no damage to the Botanical Garden. The exhibits brought us good advertizing and one year, when we have some more time, we will be delighted to exhibit again!

Meanwhile - thanks for the

Same structure different roof ...Click on the images tor a larger view.







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